How to save energy in your daily life

How to encourage the responsible and efficient use of energy resources?

October 21st is the World Energy Saving Day, with the aim of raising awareness about energy consumption in our daily lives. There are alternative sources to reduce the use of non-renewable energy, but the habits of each one of us are also important to reduce the energy consumption and the environmental impact.

The same week, on October 24th, the Global Action Climate Dayis celebrated. This day the aim is to mobilize people around the world, and to raise awareness about the negative impacts of climate change and the consequences of global warming.

The green technologies are increasing and we are getting more aware of the importance of caring for our planet. The use of renewable energies in power generation is also increasing, and the good news is that they exceed fossil fuels for the first time in history, according to an article in El Economista

It is not only recommended, but nowadays almost essential, that a company invests in projects with a positive impact on society and the environment. Socially Responsible Investing(SRI) should become a common practice among all companies and institutions.

At an individual level, we can contribute to saving energy through responsible consumption and through our habits and decisions. Civic education has a very important role, so to know the benefits of our actions. As an example, you can save energy at home and save money at the same time. It is impossible to live in perfect harmony with the planet, but there are many daily actions that you can do to contribute.

10 tips for saving energy in your day-to-day

  1. Don’t let the heat escape – make sure your house is well insulated. Insulating your loft floor is a simple and value-for-money way to cut down on heating.
  2. At lower speeds you will have more fuel – driving at eighty uses 25% better gasoline than driving one hundred and ten. You can also choose to go by bike, train or bus.
  3. Avoid air conditioning and always opt for a low consumption system if you need to use it. Open the windows at night to ventilate the house and install a large fan. Take advantage of the natural light in your home, for example through skylights.
  4. Systematically turn off your computer screen every time you get up, and turn off/unplug electronic equipment. The screensaver mode continues to spend almost the same as when the device is used.
  5. Make sure that your fridge and freezer do not consume more energy than necessary. Some simple ways are to regulate the internal temperature, dust the coils on the backside and check that the doors are closed properly.
  6. Use low consumption bulbs (LED, light emitting diode). Nowadays you will find all types of LEDs, adapting to almost any kind of need for your lighting. Remember to clean the dust from lamps and bulbs every few months.
  7. Take advantage of the natural light in your home, for example through skylights.
  8. Always keep your technical installations at home in good condition, that will help saving energy.
  9. Skip the elevator, take the stairs! This will also keep you fit!
  10. Invest in green energy at home! Solar energy has many benefits; it is sustainable, reduces the costs and has easy maintenance. The technologies to store the energy are getting more and more advanced.

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