How to get an Energy Performance Certificate

Certificado energético

What is the Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) useful for?

The energy certificate, in Spain called Certificado de Eficiencia Energética (CEE), is an official document, which objectively details the characteristics of the energy in a property. It is requested by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, and since 2013 it is mandatory for all homes or premises that are for rent or sale.

The objective of the Energy Performance Certificate is to achieve an energy efficiency improvement in all the countries of the European Union. It classifies a building or a house in relation to the energy it consumes, and reports on all the energy aspects of the property.

To obtain the energy certificate, a certifying technician in the area will visit the property. A report with all the building data will be made, and it also evaluates prior aspects, such as the year of construction, the type of property and the geographical location. The energy rating is measured by a certain method and with the help of calculation tools. It will consider for example the different construction materials, the carpentry, the type of windows, the facilities of the SHW (Sanitary Hot Water) and the air conditioning.

Ahorro de energía

How to obtain an energy certificate in Mallorca?

The energy rating is expressed through a series of indicators, which can be seen on an official energy label. The label has a graduation scale by letters (from A to G) and by colours (from green to red), and is used to inform buyers or tenants of a property about its degree of energy efficiency. In addition, the certificate includes improvement proposals which contribute to raising the property’s rating.

You can find more general information and the latest updates on energy certificates at


The registration in the Balearic Islands is processed through a certifying technician and presented in the General Directorate of Energy and Climate Change (Dirección General de Energía y Cambio Climático).

The Energy Performance Certificate can be requested by contacting our Department of Engineering in Ingeniatura. We have qualified domestic energy assessors, who can help you answer questions and carry out the energy efficiency rating, and the corresponding registration.

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