Drawers of dreams

Do you want to make that dream house reality? One of the first steps is to find the most appropriate architecture studio for your project.

“An architect is the drawer of dreams.”

These are words of Grace McGarvie, an American sociologist and queen of quotes. We agree. Los arquitectos son personas creativas, que diseñan espacios optimizando los recursos y buscando el bienestar de las personas que los habitarán. They observe details and have great abilities to appreciate the nature and the relationship between things.

What is the difference between an architect and a technical architect?

The terms can be confusing. The careers of the architect and the technical architect are different and independent, each one has its legal capacities and competencies. Architects have a longer career; they must pass the degree and then add an enabling master’s degree. In total, six years of study before being able to work. On the other hand, the technical architects are prepared in four years of degree.

The functions of both professionals are different, although complementary.
To put it briefly, in building projects the architect is the director of the work, while the technical architect is the director of execution of the work.

On the one hand, the architects are responsible for the design and control of the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, intended for housing or commerce. They also plan, design and coordinate the development of urban areas and other spaces. They have the ability to calculate structures and facilities, and in the construction phase they are in charge of directing the work and supervising that everything is done according to plans.

On the other hand, the technical architects are in charge of controlling the execution of the work, the quality of the materials, the work teams and the budget They are responsible for ensuring that everything works and that everything is built efficiently. Their physical presence at the construction site is more important than that of the architect. While the name of the architect has endured over time, the role of the technical architect has been named in different ways and many terms are still used today: foreman, surveyor, and building engineer.

Our architecture team in Mallorca designs and develops all kinds of building projects; of new construction, reforms, industrial buildings and urbanization. The architects turn your space into a home, whether you want a modern or a traditional Mediterranean style, and always responding to the needs of each person. They have a lot of experience executing projects for single- and multi-family homes, as well as offices, commercial premises and hospitals.

They work side by side with our interior designers, who are dedicated both to the interior designs of your home, office or premises, as well as furniture designs, landscaping projects and gardens If you are looking for inspiration or ideas, something classic or the latest trends, you can count on our professionals.

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